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I live in Mississippi, and recently graduated with a degree in psychology from Ole Miss. I’m looking forward to graduate school so I can get my master’s in counseling. My posts are for my own benefit as I use writing as an outlet to document and organize my thoughts through my journey of living and learning. I write a ton. I’ve been in a relationship with Jesus for over a decade, I've been dating Charles since 2011, and I've been a female all my life so my writing is coming from a Christian feminist who is in love. My writing is an account of what I’m learning about myself, love, mercy, and justice. You can find it all by clicking on "navi" at the top and then going to "My Word Flow." You’ll find plenty of my voice there, but if there’s more you’d like to talk about, just go to my ask I'm no longer able to answer all the questions I receive, but I try my best. I've already answered over 1300 questions, and I've tagged most of them with general key words, so they're easy to search.

God is constantly editing my perspective—confronting my mindset and altering each one that isn’t representative of his heart. Jesus is steadily revealing His reality and relevancy, and only because of His faithful pursuit of my life am I gaining understanding of Him and the world. Seeing how he rearranges my values, convictions, and desires is evidence of how needy I am to grow and mature, and this realization alone makes me desperate for the grace and hope of Christ to lead every aspect of my life.

There’s nothing new here—it’s all recycled wisdom mixed with my love for writing and communicating. It is all for the glory of Christ that I write. It is all for the glory of Christ that I share. It’s all to know him more and make him known. It’s all to understand him more and make him more understood. As we seek him, we find him; as we find him, we know him; as we know him, we love him. It’s all for him.


What is it you have on your mind?

“The inability to communicate one’s thoughts is in very truth the most terrible of all kinds of loneliness.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
“Our voices matters, but they will never make an impact if we care more about being right than we do about understanding how other people came to their conclusions.”
LB, The Guts & Glory of Grace

"I decided that I was a feminist. This seemed uncomplicated to me. But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word. Women are choosing not to identify as feminists. Apparently, [women’s expression is] seen as too strong, too aggressive, anti-men, unattractive."


"What is the source of our first suffering? It lies in the fact that we hesitated to speak. It was born in the moment when we accumulated silent things within us."

Bachelard, Poetics of Space

“I wish somebody had told me that loving people, knowing how to love those people, and those people loving you back were three entirely different things.”
Della Hicks-Wilson  (via thatkindofwoman)
“Stop singing
your heart out
to strange men
whose lips can kiss love
in multiple tongues,
but tremble
every time you ask them to spell loyalty.”
Neha Ray, Letters to my Sisters

Blog Review -


I have been an avid tumblr user for 4 years now. The wide variety of blogs that exist on this website are unlike any other selection I have seen. The collection of blogs I follow provide a consistent source of inspiration for me as I take bits and pieces for my own personal blog. It serves as a virtual time capsule of content that reflects my current state of mind. 

My favorite blog to follow is: The creator, a 22-year-old woman named Lauren, is overflowing with wisdom, humility, and encouragement. She is real and vulnerable, quickly responding to commenters questions on life, advice, etc. Re-blogging different writing excerpts and photos, as well her own original content, makes her blog stand out among the rest. I am a lover of words, so following a blog that is constantly posting challenging and inspiring quotes, articles, etc. is a blog I enjoy keeping up with. 

I would describe as a blog that features lifestyle content. From feminism and theology to home decor and fashion, this blog posts about many different current topics and trends.

This blog is is simplistic and easy to navigate. I love the way Lauren interacts with her audience, unafraid to show exactly who she is. Her opinions are either explicitly stated or shown through the things she re-blogs. I always leave her blog motivated, pushed to think deeper and dream bigger. 

this is so kind of you!! i can’t believe anyone would take the time to do this :’) thank you, sweet friend!!

Big Shout-Out.


I wanted to give a huge thanks and shout-out to Lauren Britt of yesdarlingido and asklaurenbritt, who read the entire draft of my upcoming e-book.  If you don’t follow her, please do!  She’s one of the most loving, gracious voices on Planet Tumblr.

And thank you once again to Todd of tblaberge for writing the Foreword.  You are the bro-est of bros.

Love both y’all. :)

— J.S.

I’m just now seeing this, but you are more than welcome, friend!!

Y’all, it was an honor to read this book. I can’t wait for it to launch. It blows my mind how vast and thorough this man’s wisdom stretches. I’m constantly learning from his perspective of truth because it is so practical and relevant. Be on the lookout because it’s coming soon, and you’ll definitely want to have it. Thanks for letting me be a part of this, J. You’re so dear to me!!

Alejandra Guilmant in Wild & Alive Lookbook by El Palacio de Hierro

Shot by Dan Crosby


things to tell yourself if it’s one of those nights:

  • this, too, will pass.
  • you are loved. you are l o v e d. more than you can possibly imagine, for real and for always.
  • anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc. are the result of chemical reactions in your…

It actually really is one of those nights, so thank you.

“We find no peace for our weary bones unless we cling to the word of grace.”
Martin Luther (via awelltraveledwoman)