I’ve had several girls ask me what to do if you find out your boyfriend struggles with pornography and I really respect this woman, Lauren Dubinsky, and everything she says speaks my heart and is reflective of my own opinion regarding the topic. I would say that everyone—whether you’re male or female, struggling or not struggling, dating or not dating one who struggles—this is valuable wisdom both to those who are in the midst of this battle and for those to be prepared in the case that you do face this battle in the future. Please take the time to watch this. The worst thing we can do is avoid talking about it. 

  06/24/13 at 12:28pm
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    I watched this last night, and it made me revisit the violence that I once caused to my beloved best friend. Its from...
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    As a woman who has dated men who struggle with pornography I think this is very helpful to those girls out there who...
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    Well said. Very well said. This is quite long and I’m not sure if anyone who follows me would be interested in it, but,...
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